About myself:

  • I am Fer van Heijzen, founder and owner of Van Heijzen Management Consultancy (a trademark of PuntoHey BV) with more than 30 years experience;
  • I like to work on projects in which vision, strategy, innovation, implementation and people can be combined effectively;
  • I am very well equipped to lead business units, departments and/or (project) teams based on a common vision and shared goals and to work together to realise these goals;
  • I am used to find the right balance between market and sales drive, clients demands, company interests and legislative requirements;
  • With my knowledge of and experience with strategy planning, product management and –development, governance, administrative processes and ict applications I am a good discussion partner for executive board members and management of business, staff and supportive departments;
  • Because of my management experience I am credible as (interim) manager and change leader;
  • I like working with expert professionals.

On linkedin you can read more about me: nl.linkedin.com/in/fervanheijzen/