• Strategy Next to having a great idea you need a strategy. What is it you will be offering your clients , what can you expect from the market and your competitors, what are the resources needed and above all: how will you make sure the results are like you want. Strategy
  • PRODUCT MANAGEMENT PRODUCT MANAGEMENT With Product management there is more to the eye then one often thinks ... Our advice is focused on all aspects: people, culture, processes, products, ict-systems and legislation. With your strategy and your targets in mind !
  • PRICING PRICING We always advice a pricing strategy focused on a long-term relationship with your clients. When your company adds good value to your product, you may ask a fair price and gain a fair profit. So we seek value creation and not the lowest price ...
  • COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION Strategy, goals, webdesign, back-end processes and above all: to be found by your prospects. Your communication must look and tone great. The web dialogue with your clients must be perfect. We make sure that you will be found.
  • IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION To develop new strategies and innovative plans is great fun! Executing these nice plans however is hard labour and hazards and disappointments will have to be conquered. Effective and inspiring (project) management is key to implement your plans sustainably and in line with your company goals and people's behaviour.
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  • ABOUT ABOUT Fer van Heijzen, management consultant, founder and owner. Also husband, father, biologist, traveler, lecturer, trainer, coach, host, sailor, basketball player and bird watcher.